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International Bulletin of Workers Party Youth -Summer 1991 March 7, 2010

From Summer 1991 the ‘International Bulletin of Workers Party Youth’.
The Introduction notes that this was the first issue and that they were looking for a new name for the Bulletin. I don’t know the outcome of that.
There are articles on Palestine/ The Middle East. ‘The New World Order’, Nicaragua since the fall of the Sandinistas, El Salvador, EU Sanctions on the then apartheid South Africa, Cambodia and The Phillipines.
It might bring back a few memories ofthe international issues of the day.



“Students- Everything you wanted to know about the Workers’ Party” -circa 1990 January 13, 2010

A leaflet produced around 1990 to help recruit Student members to The Workers Party.
Leaflet explains core Workers Party policy, issues that impacted student, the party’s position on the North, Womens issues, international policy, as well as what Democratic Centralism was.
It also goes on to say what a party member would be expected to do.



“Young People ‘CAN’ Make a Difference” Workers Party Youth – 1991 leaflet November 23, 2009

“Young People ‘CAN’ Make a Difference” a 1991 leaflet from Workers’ Party Youth.  In it amongst other things we get the ‘Youth Agenda’ for 1991.


All aboard “The Condom Train” – Workers Party Maynooth 1991 September 29, 2009

Its 1991 – Maynooth is rotten with Sex…..

Actually at the time Condoms were difficult to buy, the  Virgin Megastore was one of the few places one could get condoms unless one was married.A Condom Machine had been quite a divisive issue in the College, especially considering at the time 15% of the Student body would have been Clerical Students and there would have also been a good number of ‘lay’ Theology students. There had been student Referendums on the issue (I wish I had kept that ‘Self Control – Not Condoms’ poster) and this Workers Party Group ‘Students For Change’ were trying a number of different protests.
The Condom Train was one of them….


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