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“A Guide to recruiting and retaining members” -Labour 2009 August 20, 2016

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From The Labour Party in 2009, “Recruitment Made Easy – A Guide to recruiting and retaining members”. It gives details on how to attract members, retain members and other insights. It’s fairly practical and I would assume applies to most Political Parties.
Many thanks to the sender.



Socialist Party-“Government and Bosses are not Our Partners” For a one day strike on 24 November December 28, 2010

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From 2009 a leaflet from the Socialist Party calling for a one day strike on the 24th of November. It had the slogan “Government and Bosses are not Our Partners”.



Neal Richmond Winter 2009 Newsletter -Fine Gael-Glencullen Sandyford November 5, 2010

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A winter 2009 Newsletter from Fine Gael councillor for Glencullen Sandyford Neale Richmond. Covers local issues and has a message from Dublin Fine Gael MEP Gay Mitchell.



NAMA = welfare for the wealthy! -Leaflet from the Communist Party of Ireland 2009 July 18, 2010

A 2009 leaflet from the Communist Party of Ireland titled “NAMA = welfare for the wealthy!”.
NAMA “…is a case of Irish workers taking all the pain. The much talked about “sharing the pain” is nothing more than a ruse to cover a major attack on workers and their families, while the Rich and powerful, and their lackeys in the media and universities , remain firmly entrenched, retaining the control over economic and thereby political power.”
There is also an ad for the CPIs “An Economy For The Common Good” booklet.



‘New Home Wanted For Fat Cat’ -ICTU ‘Better Fairer Way’ Campaign -February 2009 June 17, 2010

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An ICTU Poster of Fat Cat, part of ACT  ‘Better Fairer Way’ Campaign from February 2009.
Many thanks to the sender.


Republican Sinn Fein -Vote NO to Lisbon February 19, 2010

One of Republican Sinn Feins Anti Lisbon leaflets from the 2009 Lisbon Referendum.



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