Irish Election Literature

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“Don’t Cast Ireland Adrift -Vote Yes to Lisbon” Leaflet from The Liberal Society December 18, 2016

An “It’s Cold Out There…Don’t Cast Ireland Adrift -Vote Yes to Lisbon” A Lisbon 2 Treaty Referendum Leaflet from The Liberal Society. The Liberal Society were founded in 2008 and seem to have died out around 2014.




Interview with Christopher Morris of the ‘Community Democrats of Ireland’- 1979 European Elections October 23, 2010

The Community Democrats of Ireland are a party I know little about. There is little or nothing on them online. They fielded 3 candidates in the 1979 European Elections. (
The three were, Christopher Morris in Conaught Ulster, Kevin Clear in Dublin and Michael B Crowe in Munster. All polled poorly.
The below is an interview with Christopher Morris, the party candidate in Connaught Ulster. He mentions the Liberals standing in Northern Ireland. Presumably that was James Murray who also polled poorly.
The Clipping is taken from the wonderful Galway Advertiser Site.


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