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Leaflet for Barry Cowen, Sean Fleming and John Moloney -Fianna Fail -Laois Offaly February 16, 2011

From the 2011 General Election a leaflet for Taoiseachs brother Barry Cowen, Sean Fleming and John Moloney all running for Fianna Fail in Laois Offaly.
We also have Michael Martins letter to the voters of the nation.
Many thanks to the sender.



Brian Cowen, Sean Fleming, John Foley, John Moloney -Fianna Fail 2007 GE Laois-Offaly July 5, 2010

From the 2007 General Election A leaflet promoting Laois Offaly Fianna Fail candidates Brian Cowen, Sean Fleming, John Foley and John Moloney. All but John Foley were elected.
John Foley is the chap who goes missing in this infamous Fianna Fail Ard Fheis Clip. (At around 1.05 mins in)

Bertie writes Over the last ten years Ireland has taken major steps forward with mass unemployment being made a distant memory and huge investment in public services. This represents real and sustained progress ……

We also get a little profile of Brian Cowens professional and personal life as well as the other candidates.



Brian Cowen -Final Election Message -Laois-Offaly 2007 GE December 22, 2009

Brian Cowens final election message to constituents in 2007. He asks Voters to ‘let us proceed with the Next Steps’… ‘to ensure Bertie Ahern continues the good work…’
The candidates shown are Sean Fleming, John Moloney and John Foley.

John Foley is the chap who disappeared and then reappeared in that David Davin Power report from the Fianna Fail Ard Fheis a few years back.


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