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Leaflet for Barry Cowen, Sean Fleming and John Moloney -Fianna Fail -Laois Offaly February 16, 2011

From the 2011 General Election a leaflet for Taoiseachs brother Barry Cowen, Sean Fleming and John Moloney all running for Fianna Fail in Laois Offaly.
We also have Michael Martins letter to the voters of the nation.
Many thanks to the sender.


3 Responses to “Leaflet for Barry Cowen, Sean Fleming and John Moloney -Fianna Fail -Laois Offaly”

  1. Dream on… It’s in jail you should all be – not chancing your arm at €100k pa (+€60k “expenses”) job that you are all unqualified for. If financial treachery doesn’t disqualify any and all FF…ing candidates I don’t know what does!
    Biffo’s bro, Duckie and crazy Johnny Maloney should hang their heads in shame. Sean Flemming should probably do the same.
    Be off the lot of ye, and take yer cronies, lackeys and wannabes with yes.

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  3. Gerard Raleigh Says:

    How Thick Do These Trators Think we are. “Brian Cowen should be ashamed to call him self an Offaly man, Also an Irish Man,” Him Bertie Charlie McCreevey and Licky Lenehan sold this country to Europe I personaly will never vote for FINA FAILURE again thats what they should be called. Fin gael are no better, changing one theif for another. Young people I hope will do the same. Brian enjoy your 6.9 million EURO this is leagal theift.
    How can anyone justify this crazy amount of money after cutting young peoples dole,Blind Pension, Expecting young nurses to go into slavery work for nothing, old people. Barry C you will not get any votes here, blame yopur greedy brother. GOD forgive ye.

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