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Leaflet from Jemma Dolan -Sinn Fein -Fermanagh South Tyrone #AE17 February 26, 2017

An Election Communication for Jemma Dolan of Sinn Fein who is running in Fermanagh South Tyrone in the 2017 Assembly Elections.
Many thanks to the sender.


Leaflet from Richie McPhillips -SDLP- Fermanagh South Tyrone #AE16 April 28, 2016

From the Assembly Elections, A Leaflet from Richie McPhillips who is running for The SDLP in Fermanagh South Tyrone.
Many thanks to the sender.



Flyer from Ken Maginnis -Ulster Unionist Party -1997 Fermanagh South Tyrone August 28, 2012

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From the 1997 Westminster Elections a flyer from Ulster Unionist MP Ken Maginnis running in Fermanagh South Tyrone. Maginnis was re elected.
Many thanks to the sender.



Donal O’Cofaigh -Socialist Party -Enniskillen -2011 Local Elections March 15, 2011

From the 2011 Local Elections in Northern Ireland a poster for Donal O’Cofaigh (Domhnall Ó Cobhthaigh)  ,Formerly of Sinn Féin, now running for his old council seat in Enniskillen for the Socialist Party.
many thanks to the sender.


Paul Dale -Socialist Party – Enniskillen 2005 Local Elections December 12, 2010

From the 2005 Local elections a leaflet for Socialist Party candidate Paul Dale running in the Enniskillen ward for Fermanagh District Council.
Dale polled 406 votes and missed out on a seat.



Bobby Sands -“Anti H-Block / Armagh Political Prisoner” – 1981 Fermanagh South Tyrone by election May 7, 2010

Poster and Leaflet for Hunger Striker, Bobby Sands who stood in the Fermanagh South Tyrone by-election held on the 9 April 1981. He won by 30,493 votes to 29,046 for the Unionist candidate Harry West.

The Hunger Strike centred around the “Five Demands”:
1. the right not to wear a prison uniform;
2. the right not to do prison work;
3. the right of free association with other prisoners, and to organise educational and recreational pursuits;
4. the right to one visit, one letter and one parcel per week;
5. full restoration of remission lost through the protest

Bobby Sands died on the 5th of May 1981.

many thanks to the donor.



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