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“Bin The Charges!” -2002 General Election leaflet from Eric Byrne -Labour -Dublin South Central June 12, 2015

From the run up to the 2002 General Election “Bin The Charges!” a leaflet from Eric Byrne of Labour who was running in Dublin South Central. He polled 4,159 votes and lost out on a seat.
The leaflets includes the lines….

“Be warned: the same politicians who brought you rubbish charges are planning to introduce new water charges and other service charges in the future.”
“You know where I stand on these issues. I have been opposed to service charges long before this general election.”

Many thanks to the sender.




“The last time they held a by-election Mayo got an Airport” -Eric Byrne -Democratic Left-1994 Dublin South Central by-election March 9, 2011

From the 1994 Dublin South Central By-Election a news sheet from Democratic Lefts Eric Byrne with the catchy headline of
“The last time they held a by-election Mayo got an Airport” .
Byrne was elected in the by-election and that victory along with the victory of Kathleen Lynch on the same day in Cork North Central allowed the numbers to be there to form the Rainbow Coalition.



“You can have Fianna Fail or You can have Economic Recovery.. But You Cant Have Both.” -Eric Byrne -Labour 2009 LE December 31, 2010

From the 2009 Local Elections a leaflet from former TD Eric Byrne with the headline “You can have Fianna Fail or You can have Economic Recovery.. But You Cant Have Both.” Byrne, running in Crumlin Kimmage was easily elected, topping the poll with over 1.25 quotas.
Byrne will be on the Labour ticket in Dublin South Central in the forthcoming Election.



Eric Byrne Leaflet featuring only Voters -Democratic Left 1994 Dublin South Central By-Election May 16, 2010

A simple Leaflet produced by Eric Byrne for the 1994 Dublin South Central By-Election. A foldover card with pictures of four voters who say they are voting for Eric Byrne and Why. His loss by 5 votes in the 1992 General Election is mentioned.
Eric Byrne won the By-election beating amongst others Fianna Fails Michael Mulcahy and Fine Gaels Brian Hayes as well as serial Independent candidate Benny Cooney.
Byrnes By-Election victory along with that of Fine Gaels Michael Ring in Mayo and then later in the year the by-election victories in Cork of Catherine lynch and Hugh Coveney were what allowed the numbers to form the Rainbow Coalition.



Gearóid Ó Maoilmhichil -Labour Party -2004 Local Elections Crumlin-Kimmage April 9, 2010

From the 2004 Local Elections in the Crumlin-Kimmage ward, Labour Party candidate Gearóid Ó Maoilmhichil. Gearóid Ó Maoilmhichil was Eric Byrnes running mate and failed to win a seat.
Gearóid Ó Maoilmhichil is now the National Children’s Officer of the GAA.



Mary Upton- Labour Party -2002 Dublin South Central February 1, 2010

From the 2002 General Election, Labour Candidate Mary Upton defends the seat she won in the by-election in 1999. The By-Election was caused by the passing of her Brother Pat Upton. Amongst the photos in the Leaflet are herself and Mick McCarthy.



Eric Byrne -‘Jobs’ -Democratic Left 1997- Dublin SC November 15, 2009

1997 and part of the outgoing ‘Rainbow Government’ The Democratic Left would only enter government on the basis of the biggest jobs plan ever…..
Eric Byrne was made jobless by the electorate as he lost his seat in this election.




Eric Byrnes Lotto -Local Elections 2004 October 8, 2009

Eye catching leaflet from Eric Byrne on house prices and the money being made by developers . It made a lot of sense at the time . Although what those houses are worth now is anyones guess.




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