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Leaflet from Michael Scahill – Christian Solidarity Party – 1999 Local Elections – Swords November 5, 2022

From the 1999 Local Elections a leaflet from Michael Scahill of The Christian Solidarity Party running in Swords. He polled 344 votes and missed out on a seat.


“Rescuing Limerick” Booklet from Conor O’Donoghue -Christian Solidarity Party -2007 General Election- Limerick East November 24, 2016

From the 2007 General Election Campaign a 36 page booklet produced by Conor O’Donoghue of The Christian Solidarity Party who was running in Limerick East. It contains a timeline with 67 different stages from creation to the 2002 Abortion Referendum. There are policies, letters to RTE, letters to an Taoisech, to Ministers and a lot more.
I’ve uploaded in in pdf format
Many thanks to the sender.



Leaflet from Commandant Cathal Ashbourne Loftus – Christian Solidarity Party -Ashbourne April 26, 2014

A leaflet from Commandant Cathal Ashbourne Loftus who is running for The Christian Solidarity Party in Ashbourne for a seat on Meath County Council.
I’d presume he changed his name from Cathal Loftus to Commandant Cathal Ashbourne Loftus to be higher up the ballot paper.
Many thanks to the sender.



Ad from The Christian Solidarity Party urging voters in Meath East to vote for Ben Gilroy of Direct Democracy Ireland. April 12, 2013

An interesting ad in the April edition of Alive! from The Christian Solidarity Party asking voters to vote for Ben Gilroy of Direct Democracy Ireland.

In the 2011 General Election Jane Murphy of The Christian Solidarity Party in Dublin South also advertised Direct Democracy Ireland on her leaflet.

Richard Greene is the leader of the Christain Solidarity Party. A former Green Party Councillor he was involved in a party Muintir na hÉireann and has run as an Independent Pro Life candidate also.

DDI would like to make it clear that the CSP is a COMPLETE separate organisation with COMPLETE separate people running it. Separate religious agenda – where DDI has complete none – TOTALLY SEPARATE people running it’s rules and constitution and separate founders. Separate headquarters and again separate head-office location.



Vote No leaflet from ‘Parents For Children’ -“Parents Beware: Don’t trust the state with your Children’s Rights” November 8, 2012

From the ‘Parents For Children’ group a leaflet “Parents Beware: Don’t trust the state with your Children’s Rights” urging a No vote in the Children’s Rights Referendum.



“Are You Thinking what Harry Is Thinking?” -Harry Rea -Christian Solidarity Party -Cork North Central -2011 General Election September 19, 2012

“Are You Thinking what Harry Is Thinking?” a 2011 General Election flyer from Christian Solidarity Party Cork North central candidate Harry Rea. Rea , who is a likely opponent to the November 2012 Childrens Rights Referendum, polled 324 votes.


Darragh O’Reilly -Christian Solidarity Party – Dublin South West 2002 General Election April 2, 2012

From the 2002 General Election a leaflet from Darragh O’Reilly running for the Christian Solidarity Party in Dublin South West.  A former Principal of Tallaght Community School, O’Reilly polled 760 votes.
In the 1979 Local Elections he stood for Fianna Fail in the Whitechurch (Rathfarnham) ward winning 1334 votes but failed to win a seat.



Gerard Casey -Christian Solidarity Party -1999 European Elections Dublin July 29, 2011

From the 1999 European Elections a leaflet from Gerard Casey of the Christian Solidarity Party who was running in Dublin. He polled 9,425 votes (over 3%).



Spring 2011 ‘Dóchas’ Newsletter from the Christian Solidarity Party July 15, 2011

From Spring 2011 ‘Dóchas’ a Newsletter from the Christian Solidarity Party. I’ve uploaded it in pdf HERE or click on the image below to launch.

A few quotes from the newsletter.

On that note Daire Fitsgerald, our Candidate in the most liberal constituency in the country got 434 first preferences, did very well on the RTÉ Frontline programme and I believe his campaign in that constituency was instrumental in preventing Ivana Bacik from getting elected.

For the first time this century our party’s vote has not fallen, it has risen. Not only has it risen beyond the vote received in the 2007 general election, it has risen beyond the percentage of the vote received when the pro-life vote collapsed in 2002. Over-all our vote increased by more than 23%. For every 4 votes we received in 2007 we received almost 5 in 2011. Our share of the contested vote was even more impressive with an increase of 30% from 0.42% of the vote to 0.55%.


Christian Solidarity Party “Born in the 90s for the next Millennium” -1996 leaflet March 29, 2011

A 1996 leaflet from the Christian Solidarity Party with the title “Born in the 90s for the next Millennium”.
The leaflet attacks the Rainbow government, The Democratic Left, Fine Gael, Fianna Fail, Labour and the PDs. All of which had been in government at some stage over the previous ten years.

“The CSP question and will continue to question how Ireland has benefited from the raft of jaded ideologically driven anti-social and anti-family legislation which the political parties , in and out of office, have rail roaded through the houses of the Oireachtas”

The CSP fielded 8 candidates in the 1997 General Election of which 5 polled over 1,000 votes.



Colm Callanan – Christian Solidarity Party 2007 November 4, 2009

Colm Callanan who stood in Laois-Offaly and Longford-Westmeath in the 2007 GE and also in 10 different LEAs in the 2009 local elections….
His electoral record at
Its nice to put a face to a name.
Colm only wants your Number 1 votes (“…a No 2 vote, regrettably, is of little use to me”).
Colm promises “…to take action on … homosexual adoption, increasing levels of porn in newsagents, sexual innuendo in TV ads, etc”




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