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“Group Fixtures & Venues 2002 World Cup Korea Japan” -Brendan Brady -Fine Gael- 2002 General Election Dublin North West May 30, 2011

Candidates or TDs will often send a card with useful phone numbers (sometimes with a magnet so it can be stuck on the fridge), a guide to local services, Budget guides, guides to Benefits and so on all in the hope that you will hold on to them.
World Cups and other sporting occasions also lead to a flurry of leaflets with fixture guides and the like. This one is a fixture guide for the 2002 World Cup produced by Fine Gael Dublin North west candidate Brendan Brady. The 2002 General Election was held on the 17th of May and Brady polled 2,082 votes and missed out on a seat.
Some other sports related flyers
John Stafford meets Jack Charlton for USA 94, Tom Kitts ‘Olé Olé’ from 2002, Mock GAA programme from Seamus Kirk



From 2002 Paul McGraths Irish World Cup Fixture Guide -Fine Gael -2002 GE June 20, 2010

The 2002 General Election was held on the 17th of May. World Cup Fever wasn’t quite at its height as the Roy Keane Saipan saga didn’t fully start until the 21st of May.
This is a card from Fine Gaels Paul McGrath with his details on the front and the world cup fixtures on the reverse. A number of candidates produced similar cards.
The TDs namesake had retired in 1998.



Tom Kitt- ‘olé olé’ -World Cup 2002 November 17, 2009

From the 2002 World Cup / General Election campaign a leaflet from Tom Kitt to get voters in the spirit.



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