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Leaflet from Des O’Malley, Peadar Clohessy -Progressive Democrats -Limerick East November 4, 2022

From the 1989 General Election a leaflet from Des O’Malley and Peadar Clohessy running for The Progressive Democrats in Limerick East. Both were elected.


From 1992 Progressive Democrats Des O’Malley outlines the partys reasons to vote No on the Abortion Referendum. June 8, 2013

From a 1992 Progressive Democrat leaflet Dessie O’Malley outlines the position of the party regarding the 3 Abortion Referenda to be held on the same day as the General Election. Whilst they asked for a YEs vote for the Right to Travel and Right to Information, they asked for a NO vote on the Abortion issue. Many of the reasons for voting against the Referendum outlined by O’Malley are just as relevant today as they were then.



Leaflet from Des O’Malley – Fianna Fail -1968 Limerick East By-Election October 23, 2011

From the 1968 Limerick East By-Election, caused by the death of his uncle Donogh O’Malley, a leaflet for Fianna Fails Des O’Malley in this his first Dail outing. O’Malley topped the poll and was elected.
By Election Result here
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(Some other O’Malley related leaflets)


1987 Fundraising Letter from Des O’Malley to Party Members -Progressive Democrats 1987 GE June 14, 2010

The 1987 General Election has been called and Des O’Malley writes to all members of the Progressive Democrats looking for funds.


‘A New and Exciting Option in Irish Politics’- Progressive Democrat booklet 1986 February 22, 2010

From 1986 a booklet ‘A New and Exciting Option in Irish Politics’ from the Progressive Democrats.
Given the current climate, where it is seen as an ideal opportunity for a new party to emerge, it makes interesting reading.

There is a message from Des O’Malley who states “The Progressive Democrats came into existence in response to inherent weaknesses in the
Irish political structure and the disaffection of very many people with the manner this country has been governed in recent years…

There are a number of different sections to the booklet. These are “Origins and aims of the Progressive Democrats”, ‘What is the philosophy of the party?’,
“Right or Left?” , ‘What about The Economy?’, ‘How can you reduce taxation?’, ‘Can you reduce unemployment?’, ‘Will you tackle difficult social issues?’,
‘Waht hope for Northern Ireland?’, ‘How will party policy be framed?’ and ‘After the next Election?’. And of course ”How do I join?’.

It gives an idea as to what the parties policies were initially and also what was attractive about them.



Des O’Malley -Munster- Euro 94 November 1, 2009

1994 Euro Elections Munster constituency. A split in the PDs led to Pat Cox standing as an Independent and Des O’Malley standing for the PDs . Cox despite being behind O’Malley on the first count took the last seat.

It was O’Malleys first election not being the party leader.




‘Dessie Can Do It’ -Progressive Democrats -1987 General Election September 18, 2009

1987 was the PDs first Gerneral Election. There was a bit of a buzz about Dessie (another such as Bertie,Charlie and Garret that the electorate  were on first name terms with). This shows what their initial policies were.

They included abolition of the Seanad and Ministerial Pensions……



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