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Anti Same Sex Marriage Leaflet from SPUC (UK) December 8, 2014

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A leaflet from SPUC against Same Sex Marriage in the UK. This is from last year when Same Sex Marriage Legialation was being debate in the House of Commons. Gives an idea of what we can expect in Ireland during our own Marriage Equality Referendum.



A ‘SPUC OFF’ poster from SAC circa 1987 December 6, 2013

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A ‘SPUC OFF’ poster from SAC circa 1987, they appeared in Dublin around 1987 along with another poster “THINK -Thought Kills All Known Clerics. Dead.” Details of that poster and SAC here.
SPUC were The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children which were very active in the 1983 Abortion Referendum and afterwards (here’s a 1991 SPUC Leaflet on Abortion Information)
Many thanks to the sender.



1991 Anti Abortion Information leaflet from SPUC (with an unusual graph) July 10, 2013

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From 1991 a leaflet on Abortion Information from SPUC  (The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children). Its the final page of the leaflet that is the oddest with a rather unusual graph comparing the number of children born to unmarried mothers  to abortions.



“Protect children against TV condom adverts” – SPUC June 3, 2011

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Found this whilst searching for something else. Its from SPUC in the UK who want to “Protect children against TV condom adverts”.
I presume they are not advertised on TV in Ireland yet.


SPUC leaflet from the 1992 Abortion Referendum September 29, 2009

As the debate over the X case and the right to information gained momentum, SPUC (Society for the Protection of Unborn Children) put this four page leaflet (complete with graph) out regarding Information. The referendum hadn’t yet been announced, but there was undoubtedly going to be one regarding Abortion Information as well as the other issues.




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