Irish Election Literature

… what you maybe meant to keep…

“Don’t let them sweep your jobs aside!” -Fianna Fail ad for Sean Flanagan, Ray MacSharry 1984 European Elections March 23, 2011

From the 1984 European Elections an ad for Fianna Fail Connaught Ulster candidates Ray MacSharry and Sean Flanagan, with a cartoon of Dick Spring and Garret Fitzgerald beside the headline “Don’t let them sweep your jobs aside!”
Both MacSharry and Flanagan were elected. MacSharry served as an MEP until 1987 when he resigned due to his appointment as Minister for Finance. Mark Killilea was co-opted to replace him.
You might also notice that Fianna ail were part of the “”European Progressive Democrats”


Marc McSharry -Fianna Fail- Seanad 2002 November 13, 2009

A simple front where he mentions his father (and mother), on the reverse we get the full treatment.
Ray MacSharry smiling beside his son and writing a message of endorsement to his son.




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