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Podcast – The Christian Democrat Party of Ireland February 4, 2022

Founded in 1924 , the Party was a split from Cumann na nGaedheal caused by the treatment of Army Officers in the 1924 Army Mutiny. This episode covers the Party as well as the Army Mutiny. The Group were also known as The National League and National Party
  1. The National Group
  2. The Independent Dublin Dream Team Band
  3. Post Office Candidates in Roscommon in 1991
  4. The United Labour Party
  5. Militant Labour

Founded in 1961 and led by Sean D. Loftus (later Dublin Bay Loftus), The Christian Democrat Party of Ireland advocated a Small State and Socially conservative teachings. They contested a number of General Elections before disbanding in the early 1980’s.

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Leaflet from Sean Dublin Bay Rockall Loftus -1991 Local Elections -Clontarf January 16, 2022

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From the 1991 Local Elections a four page leaflet from Sean Dublin Bay Rockall Loftus running in Clontarf. Topping the poll with 3,411 votes, he was elected on the first count. I’ve scanned and uploaded it in pdf.


Sean Dublin Bay Loftus -1992 General Election Dublin North Central. July 10, 2010

From the 1992 General election a small leaflet from the late Sean Dublin Bay Loftus (also known briefly as Sean Dublin Bay Rockhall Loftus). He was elected to the Dail on just the one occasion in June 1981. He lost his seat 8 months later at the Feb 1982 election. He served a term as Lord Mayor of Dublin.
Other Sean Dublin Bay Loftus leaflets posted a bigger 1992 one and a 1997 one.



Sean Dublin Bay Loftus 1992 GE October 1, 2009

A request came in for more Sean DBL…. This is from the 1992 General election.
Sean Dublin Bay Loftus (also known briefly as Sean Dublin Bay Rockhall Loftus), was elected to the Dail on just the one occasion in June 1981. He lost his seat 8 months later at the Feb 1982 election (maybe that’s why he has “A Fixed Statutory Dail term of 5 years” in his manifesto) . He Stood in Dublin North Central.
Sean isn’t in favour of Coalitions…. instead he favours that the major party does a deal with a bunch of Community Candidates rather than say The Labour Party! …
Plenty of other decent and interesting policies also. To see a proposal 20 years ago that would fit today…
Reduction in Number of TDs and A Politicians Pay Freeze.
An Abortion Referendum was held on the same day as the 1992 Election and Sean was very much ‘Pro-Life’, he advocates a No vote.



1997 General Election – “Vote Christian” Leaflet September 21, 2009

A Leaflet from the 1997 general election asking voters to ‘Vote Christian’. The National Party and Christian Solidarity Party were both Pro-Life as were the rest of the candidates listed.

Eamon Murphy in Dublin Central had been in the shortlived Christian Centerist Party, Cllr Richard Greene had a party Muintir na hEireann which had literature for that election but must not have been registered. Sean Lyons and Sean Dublin Bay Loftus would have also been Pro-Life.

All of the candidates listed, bar Sean Dublin Bay Loftus, lost their deposits.



Sean Dublin Bay Loftus -Independent- 1997 General Election -Dublin North Central September 10, 2009

Alderman Sean, was elected to the Dail on just the one occassion in June 1981. Unluckily for him he lost his seat 8 months later at the Feb 82 election. He Stood in Dublin North Central.

This was just as the Tribunals had started and he is running on an ‘anti sleaze’ ticket. He makes some good observations in the manifesto.

For a period he was known as Sean Dublin Bay ‘Rockhall’ Loftus after a territorial dispute over Rockhall and its surrounding Waters.







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