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Sean Dublin Bay Loftus -1992 General Election Dublin North Central. July 10, 2010

From the 1992 General election a small leaflet from the late Sean Dublin Bay Loftus (also known briefly as Sean Dublin Bay Rockhall Loftus). He was elected to the Dail on just the one occasion in June 1981. He lost his seat 8 months later at the Feb 1982 election. He served a term as Lord Mayor of Dublin.
Other Sean Dublin Bay Loftus leaflets posted a bigger 1992 one and a 1997 one.


2 Responses to “Sean Dublin Bay Loftus -1992 General Election Dublin North Central.”

  1. […] Various election material of Sean Dublin Bay Loftus said his track record included that he was “the man who single handedly saved Dublin Bay”, prevented a potentially dangerous oil refinery being build in Dublin Bay, and won a special amenities area order for Bull Island […]

  2. James Connolly one-time capaign manager for Sean D B Loftus Says:

    The cartoon “Bulldog with Loftus head” was created free of charge by the late “Charles E Kelly” one time Editor and co-owner of “Dublin Opinion” which sadly ceased publication in 1968. Sean always made it his business to advertise Charle’s contribution to his political career.
    Sadly Sean passed away on 10 July 2010.and Dublin lost one of it’s most colourful and honest politicians in the past fifty years. He was also the first genuine true blue environmentalist, unlike the sham crowd we voted out of office recently. On a clear blue sunny day, if you are walking along Clontarf or Howth Head, just take in a big breath of sea air, remember Sean D B Loftus bequeathed this legacy to you and your children by his long hard fought and costly battle. Was he ever given the freedom of “Dublin City” ?.
    If you think he deserved better, contact City Hall let them know what you think.

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