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From 1977 “Vote Labour. Here are five good reasons why. “ July 10, 2014

From the 1977 General Election “Vote Labour. Here are five good reasons why. “. The five reasons are the outgoing Labour Ministers Brendan Corish, James Tully , Michael O’Leary, Conor Cruise O’Brien and Justin Keating (of which two Conor Cruise O’Brien and Justin Keating lost their seats) and there is a piece on the achievements of each Minister whilst in office.
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2002 Election Leaflet endorsement from Ryanair chief Michael O’Leary for Sean Barrett – Trinity Seanad September 20, 2011

From a 2002 newspaper style leaflet “The Choice For Trinity” issued by Trinity Seanad candidate Sean Barrett an endorsement by Ryanair chief and Trinity graduate Michael O’Leary.
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From 1979- Labour Party ‘Victory Dinner’ in honour of Liam Kavanagh Menu with Toasts and Autographs August 22, 2010

First off man thanks to the sender. A Charming item.
From 1979 a Menu for the Labour Party Victory dinner held in honour of the election of Wicklow TD Liam Kavanagh to the European Parliament.
Amongst the menu are some delights such as Grapefruit Marachino and Brussels Sprouts Chateau (presumably in honour of the new Job in Brussels).
There is also a list of Toasts, proposed by various luminaries such as Michael O’Leary, Brendan Halligan and Justin Keating.
On the back of the Menu there was a page for autographs.
This one has Brendan Halligans, Liam Kavanaghs and another which is difficult to identify.



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