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Bernard Connolly, Vincent MacDowell, Joseph Maguire, Gerard O’Reilly- Labour Party- 1967 Local Elections Rathdown May 11, 2010

From the 1967 Local Elections in the Rathdown Ward Labour Party candidates Bernard Connolly, Vincent MacDowell, Joseph Maguire and Gerard O’Reilly.
Was given a loan of this to scan – many thanks.
The Leaflet starts off by telling us that the local Elections had been delayed because they feared the Labour Party.
Labour seeks your active support -to change the quality of our local life by encouraging all sections of the community to develop a new progressive civic spirit.
Bernard Connolly was involved in the ITGWU, and would have been well known in the area at the time.
Vincent MacDowell, who later stood for the Green Party in 1992 and 1997 General Elections was father of former MEP Nuala Ahern. The Socialist Republican Labour Party which he was a founder of was the Party of Gerry Fitt amongst others.
It split in 1970 as Gerry Fitt and others joined the newly formed SDLP. The party disbanded in 1973.
Joseph Maguire was another involved in the ITGWU as well as music where he helped reestablish St Kevins Band in Bray.
Gerard O’Reilly was a businessman in Stillorgan and interested in the care of the mentally handicapped.



Joseph Maguire – Labour Party -1967 Local Elections- Rathdown May 5, 2010

From the 1967 Local Elections in the Rathdown ward for Dublin City Council a card from Labour Party candidate, the Shankill based Joseph Maguire.

The message of  ‘THIS TIME: SWING TO LABOUR WITH Joseph Maguire
The other Labour Party candidates were Bernard Connolly, Vincent McDowell and Gerard O’Reilly.


Vincent MacDowell -Green Party -Dun Laoghaire -1997 General Election February 16, 2010

The late Vincent MacDowell from the 1997 General Election in DunLaoghaire where he stood for the Green Party. His daughter Nuala Ahern had two terms as an MEP for Leinster (and was an MEP when this election took place in 1997).
Vincent MacDowell had a long and varied career (at He was a member of ‘The Socialist Republican Party’  which was founded in 1944 (wikipedia entry) and the group joined the Labour Party in 1949. In more recent times he was a founder of save our seafront.
This leaflet covers in-depth the major Green issues of the time. Nuclear Power (Sellafied ,Chernobyl),Neutrality , jobs for people not machines and other areas are covered.



Nuala Ahern – Green Party – 1994 European Elections December 30, 2009

It was a shock in 1994 when the Greens won 2 seats in the European Parliament Elections in Ireland. Patricia McKenna was seen as having a decent chance and subsequently shocked by topping the poll, however Nuala Aherns win was unexpected in many circles.
Ahern served two terms in the European Parliament having initially been elected to Wicklow Co Council for Greystones in 1991. Her Father Vincent McDowell was elected a Green councillor for Dun Laoghaire and stood in a number of General elections for the Greens (he also over the years stood for Labour and as an Independent).
Notice on the second scan the unusual Green Party Logo.



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