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“Not Just at Election Time” -Maurice Ahern -Fianna Fail -2009 Dublin Central By-Election December 12, 2010

From the 2009 Dublin Central By-Election and the Local Elections of the same day where he was also standing a flyer from Fianna Fail candidate Maurice Ahern. Maurice Ahern is of course a brother of former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern and notes that should you be unable to contact Maurice then you could always contact Bertie at “St Lukes”.

Maurice Ahern polled poorly in the by-election with just 3,483 votes which put him in fifth position. He also lost his council seat.



‘The Recovery is Green’ -David Geary -Green Party -2009 Dublin Central By Election August 21, 2010

‘The Recovery is Green’ writes Green Party candidate for the 2009 Dublin Central by-election David Geary. In a constituency not known for a large Green Vote, Geary polled 819 votes as Maureen O’Sullivan won the seat. Geary also stood in the Local Elections in The North Inner City ward, where he polled 519 votes and failed to get in.



Pat Talbot Leaflet – Immigration Control Platform -2009 Dublin Central By-Election. June 22, 2010

From the 2009 Dublin Central By-Election a leaflet from Immigration Control Platform candidate Pat Talbot. Pat Talbot polled 614 votes.
The leaflet focuses on amongst other things Immigration policy and the entry of Turkey into the EU.



Regards from Bertie- Letter looking for support for the Brother Maurice Ahern -2009 Local Elections,Dublin Central By-Election May 11, 2010

From 2009 and Bertie Ahern writes to voters in Dublin Central asking for a vote for the Brother Maurice Ahern in both the By Election and the local elections.

Bertie as ever in Dublin Central writes ‘Dear Neighbour’ as opposed to ‘Dear Voter’.
I am writing to thank you for the kindness and encouragement that has been extended to me…”
The content is of course as personal as ever. The elections give Bertie ‘a great opportunity to meet local residents and to catch up with you news and views…
He then goes on to ask for a vote for Maurice Ahern in both the Local Elections and the by-election.
Maurice Ahern finished fifth in the by-election on just 12.26% of the vote and also failed to win a seat in the Local Elections.



Pat Talbot- Immigration Control Platform -2009 Dublin Central By-Election January 15, 2010

Pat Talbot from the 2009 Dublin Central by-election where he got 614 votes……..



Christian Solidarity Party- Paul O’Loughlin 2009 September 27, 2009

This is from the 2009 Dublin Central By-Election (He may well have stood elsewhere too.)… I love the way they are Anti Bin Tax .

Note too where the candidate mentions that he is the Nephew of  Chief Justice Rory O’Hanlon!



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