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Monica Barnes, Sean Barrett, Liam Cosgrave-Fine Gael -Dun Laoghaire Feb 1982 March 1, 2010

From the february 1982 General election in Dun Laoghaire. The Fine Gael candidates Monica Barnes, Sean Barrett and Liam Cosgrave. Sean Barrett and Liam Cosgrave were both elected.



Give Garret the go ahead Feb 82 February 5, 2010

Just posting this message from Garret Fitzgerald, to illustrate the state of the Country in the Feb 1982 election.



Martin Donohoe – Independent -Dun Laoghaire Feb 82 October 16, 2009

As often is the case,candidates of similar names put themselves before the electorate.
In February 1982 Independent Martin Donohoe and Fianna Fails Martin O’Donoughue both stood in Dun Laoghaire. There were no pictures on Ballot papers then, so I’m sure he hoped for some confusion.
The views here of the major parties was the publics perception.
Other things include, The proposed Oil Refinery in Dublin Bay, ‘wasteful day-to-day Government Squandering’ as well as he hope that it were a hung Dail.


Barry Desmond -Labour Dun Laoghaire Feb 82 September 24, 2009

How times have changed…. Food Subsidies, AnCO and still no Garda Station in Ballybrack either.

Barry Desmond served 7 Dail Terms before in 1989 he was elected to The European Parliament for Dublin. He held a number of ministerial appointments and also served as deputy leader of the Labour Party. He then served on the European Court of Auditors.



Fianna Fail February 1982 – ‘Nail the Lies’ leaflet September 23, 2009

A Nail the Lies leaflet from the Fianna Fail Feb 1982 campaign.Hitting out at Fine Gaels 1981 promises. Mentions the famous Vat on clothing and footwear that brought down that government.
Mention too of ‘housewives’… you wouldn’t get that today.
(click on image to make it larger)


Haugheys message to the electorate – February 1982 September 10, 2009

Fianna Fail Feb 1982, a lovely picture of Charlie with him claiming that FF Do a better job. His message is interesting also.



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