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From 1990 – ‘Join Fianna Fail Maynooth College’ Leaflet June 24, 2010

From 1990 a ‘Join Fianna Fail Maynooth College’ Leaflet.
It includes details of Fianna Fails achievements, its History and what the Maynooth Cumann get up to.
The Secretary is Catherine Fox.  Noel Whelan, then Fianna Fails ‘National Youth Officer’  is mentioned also at the end of the leaflet.



Charles Haughey- Message to Electorate Fianna Fail 1987 February 26, 2010

The generic Fianna Fail 1987 leaflet which would have had candidate details inside. The Message from Charles Haughey to the electorate is interesting.
In similar enough times to now, Haughey had an emphasis on providing employment.
“..People are looking for leadership, for the restoration of confidence and better management of their affairs..”

*A 6 page version of The Programme for National Recovery’ is posted here



Fianna Fail 1987- ‘The Programme for National Recovery’ -medium September 24, 2009

A stern looking Charlie with what some people have credited as being the catalyst that led to the Celtic Tiger.  This is an abridged 6 page version. (I have the full thing which I will scan st some stage). You will see what became ‘Partnership’ get a mention.
Click on the images to enlarge.



Fianna Fail 1987- “Get Things Going” – Programme for National Recovery Pamphlet

The small pamphlet version with some of the headline items from Fianna Fails “Programme for National Recovery”. “Get Things Going”. Click on main leaflet to enlarge



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