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April 1991 Newsletter from The Irish National Congress August 29, 2017

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The April 1991 Newsletter from The Irish National Congress.

From their wiki entry

The Irish National Congress is an Irish republican organisation formed in December 1989 to prepare for commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the 1916 Rising. Its members work on a non-party political, non-sectarian basis for a united Ireland, and human rights. They campaign on various other matters such as justice and peace issues, investigations into political deaths of nationalists and civilians in Ireland, and Irish neutrality.

The INC website, which has an archive of newsletters , although not this particular one
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“Ballyphehane 1916-2016 Commemorative Calendar” from Ciarán Lynch -Labour March 26, 2017

“Ballyphehane 1916-2016 Commemorative Calendar” a lovely item produced by Ciarán Lynch of The Labour Party giving details of each of the seven signatories which are remembered in the names of the road network in Ballyphehane. I’ve uploaded it in pdf also which you can get clicking here
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Fianna Fáil 1916-2016 Hundredth Anniversary Booklet March 6, 2017

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A lovely piece of History produced by Fianna Fáil to mark the Hundredth Anniversary of the Easter Rising and the 90th Anniversary of the Party. It contains Historical pictures, Letters from those that fought in the Rising, some pictures of the Centenary Commemorations and much more of interest.I’ve uploaded it in pdf as it’s 30 pages, or click on the image to launch


“Defend 1916, defend Irish history!’ leaflet from The Irish Political Review Group April 14, 2016

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“Defend 1916,defend Irish history!’ an anti Revisionism leaflet from The Irish Political Review Group.
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“1916 -1966” 50th Anniversary Calendar March 4, 2016

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A beautiful calendar created to mark the 50th Anniversary of The Easter Rising. Each month is beautifully illustrated and has a piece on The Rising, the lead up to it, The War of Independence and John F Kennedy at Arbour Hill. Each date carries an anniversary of what happened on that day. A really fantastic piece of History.
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“Remembering The Rising” with map of locations -Jim O’Callaghan -Fianna Fail -Dublin Bay South #ge16 January 27, 2016

A wonderful leaflet from Fianna Fail Dublin Bay South candidate Jim O’Callaghan, which contains a map with details of 32 Historical sites connected to The Rising in the constituency.
As the map is a fantastic bit of history I’ve also uploaded the leaflet in pdf format
His website
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Click on the map to enlarge it.




Easter Rising Centenary leaflet from Seán Haughey -Fianna Fail -Dublin Bay North #ge16 January 25, 2016

An impressive Easter Rising Centenary leaflet from Seán Haughey who is running for Fianna Fail in Dublin Bay North.
The leaflet contains a fascinating account of the activities of Seán Lemass during Easter week 1916. Seán Lemass being the grandfather of Seán Haughey. Aptly enough the leaflet also contains a section “Was your family involved in the events of 1916”.
The Fianna Fail 1916 Centenary site
The State 1916 Centenary site
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