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Save 16 Moore Street -“honour the men and women of 1916” -Labour Party April 24, 2011

Given its Easter Sunday, I thought this might be apt to post. A leaflet from the Labour Party as part of the Save 16 Moore Street Campaign.
16 Moore Street was where in 1916 Thomas Clarke, Joseph Plunkett, Sean McDermott , Padraic Pearse and William Pearse gathered around the wounded James Connolly and eventually agreed to surrender.


3 Responses to “Save 16 Moore Street -“honour the men and women of 1916” -Labour Party”

  1. […] the present we go to the past and a Save 16 Moore Street Leaflet from the Labour […]

  2. j Messy Says:

    15th April 2012

    Dear Mangement OF Moore Street Dublin City.

    I’m a Regular Visitor in Ireland every year we visit Ireland ,
    We have promoted in europe and America the English market in Cork city,”La Ramblas in Barcelona”and other Market Place in europe with local council and media.

    I was with my family from Germany and visited Moore Street,

    Last time I was in Moore Street back in 2006 with Anthony Bourdien the american Celebrity Chef ,six years ago Moore Street was a very Viberant Street there was some Great Retails as we remebered Ling’s Chinese Restaurant and a Great Hot Food Deli and Food Market Called Madina ,as I’m a European Food Journal free-lance authorties we advice to European Food Health Authorties ,

    Unfortunetly Today Moore Street it has become a un-friendly,non-enviroment,non-eco,a bad example for a beutiful City Dublin

    Even the Market Stall Fruit and Veg Vendors selling bad to reasonable quality fresh produce the Fish Mongrel’s no water supply,which cause’s Fish-paracite desease’s we have informed .
    Whom are a european authority’s

    Today Un-Fortunetly to say It’s a Rat-pestacite-site Un-Hygenic extreamly bad adour and it may give some bad health virus , and seen couple of building’s boarded up with rat’s walking hole’s and people urining up against the wall’s.

    We went to one Retail Unit sold Indian Buffet the buildings top windows were covered with crack in the building ,inside water was leaking signs of bad damp
    Even Worse having loose hair salons in front of the buffet this is a very un-hygenic,we visited every retail unit the only 2 units were clean and hygenic were the french cafe bakery my major concern was we noticed rat’s dropping’s in the cafe,and the East-European (Polonev)food retail shop very nice and clean,

    The units which needs major hygene-change is the Retail shop next door to the polish retail its called “Asia Star” first notice rat’s droppings ,Cieling Rats urinal dropping Stain’s,Water leaking on top of the veg area,went to butcher area behind the counter under sink area seen rat dropping’s there should not be a butcher area this un-hygenic it will cause seminela and other major health concern’s,we also notice Stailed dead Rat and Trail egg’s of cochroache’s.
    There was no fresh air very humidity which is a concern in health authority to sell fresh meat.I’ve never seen anything like this in europe, in africa yes I have seen it but not Europe and in Ireland what a Shame.

    We then visited the units under the mall canopy “Troy butcher Unit very clean”,a small chinese fresh fish shop it’s un-hygenic concern seen a lot of hair salons with loose hair’s and mobile shops which seen and been approached by druken indivdual’s selling cigerette’s on the Street a another small indian food shop seen by my own eye’s I have a video made from my cell, a rat in on the shelve and also rat dropping around the small butcher unit and seen one staff in his vest,comming from back fire exit with toilet tissue in hand are the washing area WC seprate to the Unit’s.
    Since been back home in
    Berlin I have been talking to our European Food Authorties
    Whom were behind the closure of the Pig and Bacon Factory in Mid land Ireland  couple of year’s agoz, our office were the Advisory board.

    I’m just putting to your attention,as you know food market’s need to be to european standard’s.

    We will be informing the “European Health Food Authorities”
    Also “Irish Media” and European Media

    We also did search on irish market public advisory board
    Last 5 Year’s “Moore Street” Rate-ing has droped from Hygenic,Health and my major concern can be there be a major concern of “Seminela”break-out in Dublin and going national.

    As seen from your web-site’s your group are a high standard centre’s and a reputable portofolio,it be shame if such Street take the reputation from Moore Street,I do know the irish economy, but streets like Moore Street there so many similar street’s with LOW-Budget Construction and Have a Good Retail,Restaurant Mix Diverse retail unit’s.

    We will be advising to European Food and Health Board,Irish Health Board , Irish Tourist Board ,Irish Food Authorities and to the Media,that this area is a growing paracite and a health concern.It has already been highlighted to ;

    DG Health and Consumer Protection BRUSSELS.

    I making this to your attention as you may be the responsiable.If any major pestaicide break-out it may cause a major health scar in dublin and ireland.

    Hope next time,I’m in Dublin City in moore street ,I really hope to see the original diversity as seen six year’s ago. Good Food Good Food Retails ,Good Restaurant’s.Good Food Deli’s.Good Street Food.

    I’m just making this to your notice,as it was a great street even Anthony Bourdin drop’s a email and when I ever im telling Anthony I’m going to Dublin he always say Make sure Go to Moore Street and have some good street food.

    Thank you for your time it is my concern to out-line major issue’s concering health food concern’s in europe.

    Kind Regards
    Mach’s gut


  3. Maria Says:

    Wow. Still ‘n all, SAVE MOORE ST !

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