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“Defend 1916, defend Irish history!’ leaflet from The Irish Political Review Group April 14, 2016

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“Defend 1916,defend Irish history!’ an anti Revisionism leaflet from The Irish Political Review Group.
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One Response to ““Defend 1916, defend Irish history!’ leaflet from The Irish Political Review Group”

  1. Páraic Says:

    Typical Aubane Historical Society/ Irish Political Review stuff, including the conspiracy theory about how the “campaign to neuter Irish history” is linked to the Arms Trial.

    The IPR crowd are VERY strong supporters of Fianna Fail. David Alvey there wrote an article in 2006 attacking the criticism of Bertie Ahern, where he lamented the ” the current disastrous situation in which no Irish newspaper expresses the Fianna Fail view” and attacked journos who took issue with St. Bertie:

    ” It is impossible to view this spectacle without asking whom is more valuable to society: the political
    leader grappling with the burden of high office or the Journalist playing clever word games. Hopefully, Justice
    Mahon will bring a wider breadth of vision to his judgement of Bertie Ahern than the small minded moralising of our
    media crusaders.”!topic/irishairesnews/k7dar46Udf4

    And, they eveen defended Brian Cowen in the December 2014 issue of IPR:

    “Brian Cowen should not have been deposed as Fianna Fail leader before the election…..Since that highly pressurised night of September 2008, acres of print have been devoted to that decision which have been written in tranquility by, for the most part. people who have never had to make a decision of
    consequence about anything”

    I think they are using the Irish people’s understandble anger with the likes of right-wingers like Roy Foster and
    Ruth Dudley Edwards, and RTE’s fawning over all things British, as a “Trojan Horse” to sell their own equally extreme, pro-FF views to the Irish people.

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