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“Easter Rising 1916 -95th Commemoration 2011” -Jim Walsh -Fianna Fail -2011 Seanad Election- Agricultural Panel June 14, 2011

A leaflet produced by Fianna Fail senator Jim Walsh during the 2011 Seanad Election campaign. Walsh was running for a seat on the Agricultural Panel. The “Easter Rising 1916 -95th Commemoration 2011” theme is a picture of the executed leaders on the front, a speech given by Jim Walsh on Easter Sunday 1991, the 75th anniversary of the rising , with the Proclamation on the back of the leaflet.



Jim Walsh- Fianna Fail-Agricultural Panel -2011 Seanad Election April 18, 2011

From the 2011 Seanad Elections a leaflet from Jim Walsh of Fianna Fail who is running for a seat on the Agricultural panel.
Considering the electorate are in the main Councillors, Walsh’s opening lines of  “..he initiated the successful campaign to secure the representational and gratuity payments for Councillors” are aimed directly at the electorates pockets.
He also mentions his pro-life and pro family values stance with the word “Faith” dominating the final page of the leaflet.



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