Irish Election Literature

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Bertie Ahern, George Colley, Tom Leonard- Fianna Fail-Dublin Central November 1982 October 26, 2009

From the November 1982 General Election, a flyer for Fianna Fail candidates in Dublin Central. A young Bertie, George Colley months before his passing and Tom Leonard who would win the by election caused by Colleys death.
Ahern topped the poll with 10,542 votes with Colley also elected polling 5,622 votes, Leonard missed out polling 2,396 votes.




Tom Leonard – Fianna Fail -1983 Dublin Central By-Election September 24, 2009

The by election was caused by the death of George Colley. After much insistence by Bertie , former TD  Tom Leonard, was selected as the Fianna Fail candidate. He duly won the seat. In the Message from Fainna Fail Leader Charles Haugheys he appears to take full credit for the Gregory deal as if he did it off his own bat.  The By-Election was Fine Gael candidate and future MEP Mary Bannottis first electoral outing.



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