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From Fine Gael 1979 “Due to 2 years of Government mismanagement -LOOK AT YOUR SHOPPING BASKET” May 11, 2011

From the 1979 Local and European Elections a Fine Gael ad with the headline
“Due to 2 years of Government mismanagement -LOOK AT YOUR SHOPPING BASKET”.
The cost of the Shopping Basket was a common enough tool in previous elections .
From the 1977 Election a Fianna Fail Ad ‘The Coalition Shopping Basket‘.


Fianna Fail ad on Taxation from the 1979 Local Elections April 4, 2011

From the 1979 European Elections an Ad for Fianna Fail focused on its Taxation policy. A fair balance of Taxation was a major issue at the time with Tax marches having taken place earlier that year and later on in the 1980s. Farm taxation and Tax Evasion are amongst the items mentioned here.


Jimmy Brick, Tony Coffey,Billy Dillon -Sinn Fein The Workers Party -1979 Local Elections Galway October 14, 2010

Was sent this flyer from the 1979 Local Elections campaign in Galway. Jimmy Brick, Tony Coffey and Billy Dillon of Sinn Fein The Workers Party.
Jimmy Brick was a long time stalwart of the Workers Party who stood in five General Elections in Galway West and also in two European Elections. Brick left in 1990 in part over the fuss created by Eamon Smullens ‘Necessity of Social Democracy’ pamphlet. Others to leave at the time included Eoghan Harris and John Cadden.

Tony Coffey stood in the 1977 General Election and later in the 1979 European Elections. In 1981 he stood as an Independent.A former Bus driver ,he also had a spell as leader of the Galway Council of Trade Unions.

Elect a Worker -Its All a Question of class.
None of the three were elected.
Billy Dillon polled 247 votes ,Jimmy Brick polled 151 votes ,Tony Coffey polled 306 votes for the City Council and 872 votes in the County Council elections.


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