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Leaflet from Michael Pidgeon -Green Party -South West Inner City October 6, 2018

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A leaflet from Michael Pidgeon who is running for the Green Party in the South West Inner City Ward for a seat on Dublin City Council.
His website
Many thanks to the sender.



“Irish Unity Better For All” leaflet from United Ireland Society October 4, 2018

“Irish Unity Better For All” a leaflet produced by The United Ireland Society outlining the advantages of Irish Unity.
Many thanks to the sender.



From 1990 “Dublin Spartacist Youth Group Launched” October 3, 2018

Reprinted from a 1990 issue of Workers Hammer the news that “Dublin Spartacist Youth Group Launched” outlining why there was the need for the group.



“Vote Yes…Repeal the Irish Blasphemy Law” #BlasphemyRef leaflet from Atheist Ireland October 2, 2018

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A leaflet from Atheist Ireland urging a Yes vote in the Blasphemy Referendum.


“No more Guildford Fours: The Case Of Jim Clarke” October 1, 2018

“No more Guildford Fours: The Case Of Jim Clarke” a leaflet against the extradition of Jim Clarke (James Pius Clarke) one of the 1983 Maze Escapees. Tn 1990 the High Court upheld an appeal against his extradition .



From 1981 “Solve Your Housing Problems with Fine Gael” September 9, 2018

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From the 1981 General Election “Solve Your Housing Problems with Fine Gael” giving details of what Fine Gael in Government would do to solve housing issues.


Post Referendum Report from The Life Institute September 6, 2018

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A Report produced in the aftermath of the Abortion Referendum by The Life Institute examining “Why the Referendum was lost” , “How the media , not the Yes campaign repealed the 8th – with Google’s help” , “The Strengths and weaknesses of our fight to Save the 8th”, “The role of the Church in re-establishing a culture of life” and “What we must do now…”
It’s quite an interesting read in that we normally have a lot of post Referendum analysis from the Victorious side and this is from the other side.
It’s 16 pages long so I’ve uploaded it in pdf format here
Many thanks to the sender.


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