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‘let Clann continue to play its part!’ -Clann Na Poblachta 1965 General Election July 13, 2013

From the 1965 General Election an ad for the four Clanna Na Poblachta candidates John Tully in Cavan, Oliver Morahan in Mayo Sout, Leo Nealon in Dublin North Central and Joe Barron in Dublin South Central. Tully was elected and was the last Clann TD. This 1965 General Election was the last one contested by the Party.



From 1965 ‘Fine Gael and The Language’ some interesting proposals on the Irish Language February 12, 2013

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From 1965 ‘Fine Gael and The Language’ which is very interesting in their proposals for the Irish Language. The bones of 50 years later not much of what they proposed came through.



Ads for An Poblacht Chríostúil (Christian Republic) 1960 LE Waterford and 1965 GE Cork October 22, 2012

From the 1960 Local Elections an Ad for 3 Poblacht Chríostúil candidates Padraig Griffin, Liam Hearne and Liam Jackman who were running for seats on Waterford Corporation.
Griffin polled 102 votes, Hearne 162 votes and Jackman 64 votes with none of them being elected.
The second clipping is from the 1965 General Election campaign where Sylvester Cotter and Alex Miller were running in Cork Mid and Cork City. Cotter polled 498 votes whilst Miller polled 547 votes.
This piece explains the partys policies

The aims and ideals of this Irish Christian party, as published on its membership card are:

“1. To change the present political structure from contentious government to a form of Government based on Christian Principles and Social Justice,
“2. To foster a resurgence of true patriotism by stimulating interest in public and social administration through the study and application of Christian Social Principles.
“3. To prepare candidates for local and national office who will apply these principles for the common good.
“4. To oppose all subversive influences into our Christian and National Heritage.
“5. To work towards a planned economy aimed at the full development of the country’s resources with self-sufficiency and the repopulation of the country as primary considerations.”
According to their wikipedia entry ” Senator Eoghan Harris campaigned for the party and spoke at its rallies”



“Let Lemass Lead On”- 1965 leaflet from Honor Crowley, Tim ‘Chub’ O’Connor -Fianna Fail -Kerry South June 18, 2012

From the 1965 General Election a leaflet from Fianna Fail candidates Honor Crowley and Timothy ‘Chub’ O’Connor running in Kerry South. Both were elected.
The leaflet also has the Fianna Fail slogan from that election “Let Lemass Lead on”
We also have the message to the electorate from Sean Lemass. Which boasts of the progress made to date but that “Everything depends on the country’s agricultural and industrial production continuously increasing..”



Flyer from Frank Cluskey -Labour -1965 General Election Dublin South Central May 13, 2012

From the 1965 General Election a flyer for Labour candidate then Councillor Frank Cluskey. Cluskey was elected with 7,098 votes and was later to become a Minister and Leader of the Labour Party.
Some 1984 Material from Frank Cluskey



From 1965 – “Do NOT Vote Fianna Fail” From the Garda Pensioners Association January 8, 2012

From the 1965 General Election, voters are urged “Do NOT Vote Fianna Fail” by the Garda Pensioners Association. It asks for a vote for Fine Gael or Labour who had given assurances to them over Pension increases.


“Fianna Fail are Rattled” -1965 General Election Fine Gael flyer January 7, 2012

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From the 1965 General Election campaign a flyer from Fine Gael with the message that “Fianna Fail are Rattled”. “Only This could explain their ill-informed attacks”..
Fianna Fail still won an overall majority, indeed gaining two seats on their 1961 total.



From 1965 -“Prosperity for Whom?” – “Vote Labour” January 3, 2012

From the 1965 General Election a leaflet from the Labour Party asking “Prosperity for Whom?”. Many thanks to the sender.

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