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From 1944 “The Taoiseach’s Message” -Eamon De Valera -Fianna Fail September 25, 2011

From the 1944 General Election a message to the electorate from then Taoiseach and Fianna Fail Leader Eamon De Valera. In this 1944 Election Fianna Fail gained 9 seats and had an overall majority.
Interesting to see a lot of the message given over to the ills of coalition governments.


Tomas O Dochartaigh -Ailtirí na hAiséirghe -1944 Tipperary July 26, 2011

From the 1944 General Election Tomas O Dochartaigh, Cathal Brughas nephew, running for -Ailtirí na hAiséirghe in Tipperary.  He polled 1,072 votes.
Ailtirí na hAiséirghe were a Fascist style party set up in Ireland in the early 40s. There is a good book on them called “Architects of The Resurrection”.
Theres a decent post about it here
As you can see they were fairly extreme.
In this 1944 Election, the party fielded six other candidates, they were
Eoin O Coigligh – Louth 795 votes
Sean O Dubhghaill -Cork Borough 674 votes
Oisin O Droighneain -Dublin County 607 votes
Gearoid O Cuinneagain – Dublin North West 705 votes
Joseph O’Kelly – Roscommon 1217 votes
Liam Walsh (Breathnach) -Waterford 739 votes

A year earlier in the 1943 General Election the party took its first foray into Electoral Politics fielding four candidates.
Eoin O Coigligh – Louth 585 votes
Sean O Dubhghaill -Cork Borough 1,019 votes
Gearoid O Cuinneagain – Dublin North West 607 votes
Tomas O Dochartaigh – Waterford 943 votes

In 1945 the party contested the Local Elections winning 9 seats on various Local Authorities.

In the 1948 General Election it stood just one candidate.
William Hargadon in Sligo-Leitrim who polled 323 votes.

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