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Patrick Melly -Conservative and Unionist- Sligo Leitrim -1992 General Election July 22, 2012

From the 1992 General Election a flyer from Patrick Melly… a rarity in the Republic of Ireland in that he was a Unionist candidate.
There is of course a ‘Protestant Vote’ in certain areas of the country, more often than not though its in Local Elections that it manifests itself with the likes of the Donegal Progressive Party and Protestant Association candidates fielded (and elected) in Donegal and Monaghan up until recently.
In 1987 there were 2 ‘Unionist’ candidates in Michael Brooks (running as an Ulster Protestant polled 696 votes in Donegal South West) , Stan Davies (Unionist polling 134 votes in Cork South West) and another candidate Ronald Smith ran in Louth on a ticket demanding Bible readings in the Dail (he got 86 votes).
For the record Melly polled 73 votes in what I think was his only electoral outing.


Joe McDonnell – H-Block -1981 General Election Sligo Leitrim. April 25, 2012

From the 1981 General Election an Ad for H-Block candidate Joe McDonnell who was running in Sligo-Leitrim. McDonnell narrowly missed out on a seat winning 5,639 votes.
He died on the 8th of July 1981 after 61 days on Hunger Strike. More details on McDonnell here.
The Ad has a profile of McDonnell, a message to voters from him and the Manifesto of the H-Block candidates.



Gabriel McSharry -Independent -Sligo-North Leitrim 2011 GE January 25, 2011

A flyer taken from the Website of Independent candidate Gabriel McSharry running in Sligo North Leitrim. A former Labour candidate, the Leitrim based McSharry is an outside chance of a seat.



John Perry -Fine Gael – Sligo Leitrim 2002 GE October 13, 2010

From the 2002 General Election a flyer for Fine Gael Sligo Leitrim candidate John Perry.
Perry, a Ballymote based businessman, was first elected in 1997 and despite it being a poor election for Fine Gael, he held on to his seat.
“Vision with Purpose” was a pretty bad Slogan especially when up against the memorable “A lot done, more to do”.



‘Sligo News’ leaflet – Jim McGarry-Labour Party- Sligo North Leitrim 2007 General Election April 24, 2010

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From the 2007 General Election in Sligo-North Leitrim, Labour Party candidate Jim McGarry.
Jim McGarry polled 1,555 votes and failed to win a seat. The long standing Councillor had previously been
 a Fine Gael councillor for many years before switching to Labour in 2003.



Joe Leonard, John Perry and Gerry Reynolds- Fine Gael- Sligo-Leitrim 1997 General Election. January 14, 2010

Joe Leonard, John Perry and Gerry Reynolds from the 1997 General Election in Sligo-Leitrim. With Ted Nealon having retired and Labours Declan Bree holding a seat, Fine Gael had a challenge to win a second seat. In the end John Perry and the Leitrim based Gerry Reynolds won seats, with Decklan Bree losing out.
John Perry mentions work having started on a 15 acre Tourism park in Ballymote. Was this completed?


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