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Gabriel McSharry -Independent -Sligo-North Leitrim 2011 GE January 25, 2011

A flyer taken from the Website of Independent candidate Gabriel McSharry running in Sligo North Leitrim. A former Labour candidate, the Leitrim based McSharry is an outside chance of a seat.


2 Responses to “Gabriel McSharry -Independent -Sligo-North Leitrim 2011 GE”

  1. Obviously this man has no vision of Ireland’s future. He sees only Sligo-Leitrim and so should stay with local politics. The upcoming election is a NATIONAL election for God’s sake! We need people with a national perspective not more of the clientalism and parish pump gombeenism we had in the past. We need CHANGE; not more of the same old claptrap. Vote for a national candidate. Personally, I’m voting Labour this time. They are the most intelligent and have none of the baggage of FF / FG corruption.

    • Liam O'Broin Says:

      Is that the same Labour Party that is supported by the Trade Union movement – the one that gave us “Benchmarking” – the biggest scam of the Celtic Tiger Years and one that is helping to bankrupt the country? The same Union leaders who are on 150k to 250k wages and don’t want anyone to know – in case questions are asked as to why these “socialists” are on such big pay packet while other people are on the bread-line? Labour is no longer a left wing party, it is centre right, in EXACTLY the same place as FF and FG. So don’t be fooling yourself. The Labour candidates are just as parochial – John Kelly wants to be the Roscommon Hospital candidate .. Nuf said 😩

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