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A few pages from “SUPERSPI” magazine from June July 1978 – Socialist Party of Ireland April 18, 2012

SUPERSPI was a magazine produced by The Socialist Party of Ireland, a group that existed between 1971 and 1982. There’s more details on them here and here.
The magazine itself is actually quite good with a witty enough cover and some decent columns. The story about the ITGWU conference is one in particular that I enjoyed. I’m not sure how many issues of it were produced .

The full magazine will appear in pdf form on The Cedar Lounge in due course.


3 Responses to “A few pages from “SUPERSPI” magazine from June July 1978 – Socialist Party of Ireland”

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  3. […] Many thanks to IELB for scanning this document and forwarding it to the Archive. IELB has posted some pages from this on the Irish Election Literature Blog last week and it can be found here. […]

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