Irish Election Literature

… what you maybe meant to keep…

“Merger of the Labour Party and the Independent Socialist Party (Sligo/Leitrim)” April 7, 2017

From a publication “Labour Report to National Conference 1991 – 1993” a piece on the merger between Labour and The Independent Socialist Party (Sligo/Leitrim) (you can find one of their leaflets here)


Frank Dobbs -Progressive Democrat Sligo-Leitrim 1987 October 7, 2009

Frank Dobbs flyer from 1987 in Sligo Leitrim.  The text is as corny as you’ll get.
What’s unusual is that four years later in the 1991 Local elections Frank Dobbs stood for Declan Brees Sligo-Leitrim Independent Socialist Organisation.
Some conversion….


Declan Bree -Sligo/Leitrim Independent Socialist Organisation -1987 General Election September 9, 2009

Declan Bree of the Sligo/Leitrim Independent Socialist Organisation from 1987. Long before he joined (and left) the Labour Party. In this 1987 Election Bree polled 2,584 votes and failed to win a seat.



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