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1988 National Collection for Alan Dukes led Fine Gael November 11, 2009

After the 1987 election Alan Dukes was appointed Fine Gael Leader. On the 2nd of September that year in an address to the Tallaght Chamber of Commerce, Dukes said “When the Government is moving in the right direction, I will not oppose the central thrust of its policy….”
This became known as ‘The Tallaght Strategy’. It is refered to here “….Fine Gael will not obstruct the Government if it seriously goes about correcting our finances”.
This is the parties Fundraising/Membership drive from late 1987/ early 1988.

‘Anglo Irish’ gets a mention too, but its the Agreement rather than the Bank thats being refered to.



Alan Dukes Led Fine Gael- Dun Laoghaire 1989 November 3, 2009

An Alan Dukes led Fine Gael in the 1989 General election. “Putting the Country First” was the Slogan. The Tallaght strategy is not mentioned by name but refered to as ‘The revolution of Consensus Politics’. The ‘Alan’ of his signature looks as if it may have a letter or two too many.

The familiar Barnes , Barrett, Cosgrave ticket was running for Fine Gael. Both Barnes and Barrett held their seats.




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