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Meabh Cody -Green Party -Stillorgan 2009 LE June 11, 2010

From the 2009 Local Electios in Stillorgan , a leaflet for Green Party candidate Meabh Cody. She polled 655 votes and failed to win a seat.



Is GM Food Safe? -Patricia McKenna -1999 European Elections -Dublin June 3, 2010

From the 1999 European Elections, a leaflet produced by Green Party Candidate Patricia McKenna asking ‘Is GM Food Safe?’. Many of the concerns are still shared today.
Patricia McKenna was comfortably elected.



Magge Blake , Vincent Treanor -Green Party -Ballybrack 1991 LE May 31, 2010

From the 1991 Local Elections, Green Party candidates in the Ballybrack Ward, Maggie Blake and Vincent Treanor. Despite polling well neither were elected. It was the only time either stood for election for the Greens.



‘Clean Politics’ John Gormley -Green Party -Dublin South East 2002 General Election May 21, 2010

From the 2002 General Election in Dublin South East a colourful leaflet from the now Green Party leader John Gormley.
The front being positive quotes about Gormley from various media.
Two pages of policy, some of which had been costed by the department of finance.
Finally on the back a profile of the candidate and photos of ‘Green Action’ which includes “John’s anti-incineration campaign”

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Fergal O’Byrne- Green Party -2005 Meath By-Election May 20, 2010

From the 2005 Meath by-election, a leaflet from Green Party candidate Fergal O’Byrne. Fergal O’Byrne polled 1,590 votes.
O’Byrne is a long time Green activist.



Paul Gogarty -Green Party – 2002 GE Dublin Mid West May 18, 2010

From the 2002 General Election a leaflet from Green Party Candidate Paul Gogarty. Gogarty was elected for the first time to the Dail.
The Leaflet is detailed enough(click on it to appear in larger size)



Garreth McDaid – Green Party -Roscommon South-Leitrim 2007 GE May 12, 2010

From the 2007 General Election a leaflet from Garreth McDaid running for the Green Party in Roscommon South Leitrim.
He polled 836 votes and failed to win a seat.
Garreth McDaid is son of Fianna Fail TD Jim McDaid.



Green Alliance Membership form 1983 May 6, 2010

 From 1983 a membership form for The Green Alliance/ Comhaontas Glas.

‘The Green Alliance/ Comhaontas Glas has adopted these seven principles by consensus.’
(at this stage the Party still made decisions by consensus)
1- The impact of society on the environment should not be ecologically disruptive.
2- Conservation of resources is vital to a sustainable society.
3- All political, social and economic decisions should be taken at the lowest effective level.
4- Society should be guided by self-reliance and co-operation at all levels.
5- As caretakers of the Earth, we have the responsibility to pass it on in a fit and healthy state.
6- The need for world peace overrides national and commercial interests.
7- The poverty of two-thirds of the world’s family demands a redistribution of the worlds resources.



‘It’s time to change the government’ -Ciaran Cuffe -Green Party-Dun Laoghaire 2007 General Election May 5, 2010

It’s time to change the government writes Ciaran Cuffe running for the Green Party in Dun Laoghaire in the 2007 General Election. A feeling many share with him 3 years on.
We have his decent record over the previous 5 years as a TD and the plans for the future.



Patricia McKenna -Green Party – 1999 European Elections Dublin April 23, 2010

From the 1999 European Elections in Dublin, Green Party candidate Patricia McKenna. Having suprised many by topping the poll in 1994, Patricia McKenna didn’t top the poll this time but was easily elected.
This leaflet would have been for candidates in the Local Elections held on the same day. Local candidate one side, this image on the other.
Patricia McKenna lost her seat in 2004 and stood as an Independent in the 2009 European Elections.


“Sorry to have missed you!” – Nessa Childers -Green Party -Blackrock 2004 Local Elections Blackrock. April 21, 2010

A Rather Lengthy and verbose ‘Sorry I missed you’ card from Nessa Childers when running for the Green Party in Blackrock in the 2004 Local Elections. Nessa Childers was elected.
She is the daughter of former president of Ireland Erskine Childers. She resigned her council seat in August 2008 citing pressure of work as a psychoanalyst as her reason.
Less than a year later she surfaced as the Labour European Parliament candidate for the East constituency. She was elected and is now a Labour MEP.


Catherine Sweeney – Green Party -1999 Local Elections Ballybrack April 18, 2010

From the 1999 Local Elections in the Ballybrack Ward , Green Party candidate Catherine Sweeney. She polled 853 votes and just missed out on the last seat.


Gerry Boland flyer- Green Party -Dublin South 1997 General Election April 14, 2010

From the 1997 General Election in Dublin South, Green Party candidate Gerry Boland. Gerry Boland polled a respectable 3,539 votes but failed to win a seat.
Boland is an author and prominent in the Vegan and Animal rights movement. He now lives in Roscommon and is involved in a group called ‘Animals in Crisis’.



Claire Wheeler -Green Party -1991 Local Elections -Pembroke April 13, 2010

From the 1991 Local Elections, Green Party candidate Claire Wheeler running in the Pembroke Ward. Claire Wheeler polled 1,060 votes and was elected.
She was joined on Dublin City Council by Green Councillors, John Gormley, Ciaran Cuffe and Siadbh O’Neill.



Tony McDermott -Green Party -2004 LE Terenure /Rathfarnham April 7, 2010

From the 2004 Local Elections Green Party Candidate Tony McDermott who was elected in the Terenure Rathfarnham ward.
Tony McDermott also ran in the 2007 General Election in Dublin South Central polling well but not enough to win a seat.
He failed to hold his Council seat in 2009.



Roger Garland -Green Alliance -1987 Dublin South March 31, 2010

From the 1987 General Election in Dublin South the Green candidate Roger Garland. Garland later became a Ireland’s first Green TD in the 1989 General Election, before losing his seat in 1992.
He had also stood in the Ecology party’s initial electoral outing in November 1982 getting 950 votes in Dublin South.

In 1987 the Green Alliance policies were very much left of centre. There was no mention of such thing as Global Warming or depleting ozone layers. From memory of the times Acid Rain was what we were really scared of. The European Greens got a far bigger mention then in Green Literature, than they do now.
Reposting this leaflet as earlier Garland post had leaflets from 2 different elections.
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Catherine Power -Green Party -1991 LE Celbridge March 17, 2010

From the 1991 Local Elections in Kildare, Green Party candidate Catherine Power. She wasn’t elected.
A Green Councillor isn’t in to horse-trading she writes.



Dan Boyle Flyer -Green Party -Cork South Central 1992 March 10, 2010

A flyer from the Cork South Central Green Party candidate,the now Senator, Dan Boyle from the 1992 General Election.
It was his first General election and he polled 1,166 votes.
A few nice lines about building houses rather than motorways, fundamental changes in our taxation system and looking after the young and the elderly.



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