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‘Action On Alcohol Abuse’ -Fine Gael Policy Document from 2003 October 29, 2010

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From 2003 a Fine Gael Policy document ‘Action On Alcohol Abuse’.

Its opening paragraph being….

“Ireland’s attitude to alcohol has got to change. We can no longer dismiss alcohol ‘as part of who we are’. We are paying a huge price
with the health and lives of our young people. Paying through clogged up accident and emergency wards. Paying through higher
crime rates and paying through our taxes. Without proper action this situation will, without doubt, worsen.”

I’ve Uploaded it in *.pdf  HERE or else click on the image to open it.


From 2003 “The Constitution and the Cost of Building Land” -a Submission on behalf of the Labour Party to the All-Party Committee on the Constitution. October 7, 2010

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Given where we are now, I thought, although not exactly a page turner, this may be of interest. From 2003 a Submission on behalf of the Labour Party to the All-Party Committee on the Constitution.
The Constitution and the Cost of Building Land
I’ve uploaded it HERE in *.PDF or just click on the image to launch it.


From 2003 ‘Re-Inventing Democracy’ -A Green Party/Comhaontas Glas Discussion Document on Oireachtas and Institutional Reform October 5, 2010

From 2003 ‘Re-Inventing Democracy’ A Green Party/Comhaontas Glas Discussion Document on Oireachtas and Institutional Reform which I thought might be of interest given the ongoing debates on political Reform.
The Presidency, Dáil Éireann, Seanad Éireann, Regional Government/Local Government, Bunreacht na hÉireann/ The Constitution and Legislative Changes are the areas covered.

I’ve Uploaded the Document in *.PDF format HERE

From the Document “Summary of Proposals in relation to Dáil Éireann”
– Dáil Éireann to sit for 45 of the 52 weeks of the year
– Sittings to be held from Monday afternoons to Friday lunchtimes
– Sittings to begin as early as 9.30am but end no later than 7pm
– Proposals to change Dáil sitting arrangements to be agreed by no less than two thirds of the membership of the Dáil
– Membership of the Dáil to be reduced from 166 members to 130 members
– Membership of the Cabinet to be reduced from 15 members to 12
– The office of Minister of State to be abolished
– Consideration to be given to change electoral system to Dáil Éireann
– Return to the previous system of Leaders’ Question – three days a week on a round robin questioning basis
– Increase powers of Ceann Comhairle obliging members of the government to give full and adequate information to the Dáil
– Increase Private Members Time and allocate on a more regular basis
– Replace adjournment debates with commencement debates chosen through lottery
– Link expenses received to participation in Oireachtas votes
– Give Oireachtas committees powers of compellability
– Allocate Committee Chairs under D’Hondt system
– Change of standing order on the recognition of parties in the Dáil from seven members to five, however formed in the lifetime of the Dáil
– Give all Oireachtas committees the power of compellability
– Outside interest groups to direct input at committee stage of relevant legislation
– Power of Taoiseach to call early election to be removed

The only mention of anything touching Gender is in the Seanad Proposals.
Electoral lists to be constructed to allow for greater participation of women and
minority groupings

Click on the image Below to launch the document in PDF format


“Pheww! That was close! ..” Anti Levonelle Leaflet from the Christian Solidarity Party in 2003 September 9, 2010

From 2003 A leaflet issued by the Christian Solidarity Party against the availability of Levonelle. Levonelle is a morning after pill that works up to 72 hours after intercourse.
There were arguments about if it was covered or not by the various Abortion Referenda. Where it was seen by many as a contraceptive it was thought of by Pro Life lobby as an ‘Abortion Pill’.



On Day X – ‘Stop The World , To Stop The War’ -Irish Anti War Movement 2003 September 3, 2010

On Day X – ‘Stop The World , To Stop The War’ a 2003 flyer from The Irish Anti War Movement.
In February 2003 a crowd of 100,000 demonstrated against the War in Iraq. A Month later the war started.
This leaflet is (I think) from early March 2003. When the war started there were to be brief work stoppages and protests at various venues.



‘Fianna Fail Are Criminals, Drink Drivers & Tax Cheats’ Poster – Working Class Action 2003 June 22, 2010

A ‘Fianna Fail Are Criminals, Drink Drivers & Tax Cheats’ Poster from 2003 produced by Working Class Action (WCA).
These posters were produced in reaction to Bertie Ahern stating that people who opposed the bin Tax were ‘Spongers’.
They appeared all over Dublin at the time, although many were allegedly torn down (possibly FF or indeed souvenir hunters).
Working Class Action were a Left Wing Dublin based campaign group. They were active in the Anti Bin Tax campaign. Amongst those involved in Working Class Action were Cieran Perry who was elected to Dublin City Council in 2009 and Joe Mooney. Both stood in the 2004 Local Elections.


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