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Win £10 – ‘Dun Laoghaire People’ – Eamon Gilmore -Workers Party 1986 October 29, 2009

A couple of nice things in this from Summer 1986. A number of Workers Party  ‘papers’ had the ‘People’ title. A ‘Dublin People’ was produced for the 1994 European elections and of course the Workers Party weekly paper was ‘Tomorrows People’.
This was produced in part as a reaction to the proposed introduction of Water Rates. There’s a great competition to win £10. I wonder how many entries B Maguire had through the door and indeed who won?
So on the front they were giving away money , however on the reverse they were looking for money! … Whilst others had big business and Unions to fund them, The Workers Party relied ‘entirely on contributions from our members, supporters and friends’.
874 houses in Dun Laoghaire didn’t have bathrooms, yet there were over 1000 on the dole. Why not get them to repair the housing stock?




Eamon Gilmore – Workers Party- Dun Laoghaire- November 1982 October 6, 2009

The now Labour Party Leader .The then 27 year old Trade Union Official in his first election standing for the Workers Party in Dun Laoghaire – November 1982.

In 1985 he won a council seat in Ballybrack, before winning a seat in the Dail in 1989.



Featuring a cool looking Eamon Gilmore….Workers Party 1991 – ‘Do You Remember 1985?” September 30, 2009

Its from the back of a Marian White Leaflet (the lady on the left of the picture). Its eyecatching to say the least.
Colm Breathnach, Denis O’Callaghan and Eamon Gilmore were elected.


Flyer for Eamon Gilmore -Democratic Left -1997 General Election September 9, 2009

An Eamon Gilmore Flyer from the 1997 General Election when he was running for the Democratic Left in Dun laoghaire.


‘New Agenda’ (post Workers Party pre Democratic Left) -Eamon Gilmore, Colm Breathnach and Denis O’Callaghan Letter. September 8, 2009

This is a letter Sent by Eamon Gilmore, Colm Breathnach and Denis O’Callaghan post 1992 Workers Party Split. It outlines the policies  and aims of the group. Polices look like those of The Workers Party but without the Democratic Centralism.

The breakway group  were initailly called ‘New Agenda’ and contested the 1992 Westminister Elections under that name. However the name didn’t last long and the party called then itself  ‘The Democratic Left’, which itself joined the Labour Party in 1998.




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