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Two Anti Sectarianism Posters from The Workers Party / Republican Clubs March 15, 2012

Two Anti Sectarianism Posters one from The Workers Party and one from The Republican Clubs. The Republican Clubs one would be from the 1970s whilst the Workers Party one is from 2011.
Many thanks to the sender.




‘Fight your corner -Dont Emigrate’ -Sinn Fein / Republican Clubs posters from the 1970s March 29, 2010

From the 1970s a selection of images of  Republican Clubs and Sinn Fein posters kindly sent to me by a donor.
An Anti EEC poster presumably from the 1973 Referendum (with the Slogan Fight your corner – Don’t Emigrate), a poster criticising The Cosgrave Government , a Republican Clubs poster and one also for the Freeing of all Political Prisoners.
This version of Sinn Fein / Republican Clubs was the precursor of Sinn Fein The Workers Party which became The Workers Party although I’m not 100% sure they all are.



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