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Alan Shatter – ‘Star Trek’ 2007 October 14, 2009

From 2007, one of the most bizarre leaflets I’ve seen. Alan Shatter dressed up (or photoshoped) in Star Trek gear.
Comparing himself to William Shatner and lots more besides…. Shatter regained the seat he had lost in 2002. (his record at

Funnily enough William Shatners middle name is Alan, William Alan Shatner.
Alan Shatter ….Alan Shatner … Its a pity Alan Shatters not younger , otherwise there would be a chance that he was named Alan as a tribute to the Star Trek Actor!
I’ve pared down the size but given the amount of colour involved the images are still big.






5 Responses to “Alan Shatter – ‘Star Trek’ 2007”

  1. Shindig Says:

    That is unreal, there must be a big Trekkie vote in Dublin South!

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