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Brid Smith -Socialist Workers Party -2002 GE Dublin South-Central February 1, 2010

Brid Smith, The People Before Profit Alliance candidate for Dublin Mayor, from the 2002 General Election where she stood for the Socialist Workers Party. She got 617 votes in Dublin South Central.
In 2009 she was elected easily to Dublin City Council for the Ballyfermot Drimnagh ward.
In 2002 The Bin Tax was the main issue. We see that at that stage the Tribunals had cost more that 60 million too (and how many corrupt politicians were jailed?).
The proposed incinerator (in Poolbeg) and its viability without being subsidised by the householder is mentioned also.


2 Responses to “Brid Smith -Socialist Workers Party -2002 GE Dublin South-Central”

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