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Sean Walsh -Workers Party – Piltown – Kilkenny 1985 Local Elections August 18, 2011

From the 1985 Local Elections , Workers Party candidate Sean Walsh who was running in the Piltown LEA. Walsh was elected on the first count with 1,145 votes. He first won a seat in the 1974 Local elections and was returned again in the 1979 Local Elections. He stood in a number of General Elections as well as the 1979 European Elections.
The closure of Clover Meats which was based in Ferrybank and closed in 1984 is a big issue for Walsh. Was something amiss with the closure?


Anne-Maria Irish -Fine Gael- Cultural & Educational panel- 2011 Seanad Elections May 16, 2011

From the 2011 Seanad Elections a leaflet from Fine Gael candidate Anne-Maria Irish who was running for a seat on the Cultural & Educational panel. The Kilkenny based councillor failed to win a seat.



John Coonan -Fianna Fail -Kilkenny Local Elections 2009 April 27, 2010

From the 2009 local elections in Kilkenny, Fianna Fail candidate John Coonan. The long serving Councillor Coonan was elected to both Kilkenny County Council and Kilkenny Borough Council. I like the way Kilkenny castle is in the background.



Evelyn White – Fianna Fail Carlow-Kilkenny 1992 October 6, 2009

Not a great success in that Evelyn polled just over a thousand votes.
Looking at the leaflet she says ‘Since being selected as the third candidate at the FF convention….’
Was the fourth Fianna Fail candidate Kevin Fennelly added by HQ? Given his and his families sporting prowess it wouldn’t have gone down well with the other Kilkenny based candidates.


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