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Sean Walsh -Workers Party – Piltown – Kilkenny 1985 Local Elections August 18, 2011

From the 1985 Local Elections , Workers Party candidate Sean Walsh who was running in the Piltown LEA. Walsh was elected on the first count with 1,145 votes. He first won a seat in the 1974 Local elections and was returned again in the 1979 Local Elections. He stood in a number of General Elections as well as the 1979 European Elections.
The closure of Clover Meats which was based in Ferrybank and closed in 1984 is a big issue for Walsh. Was something amiss with the closure?


3 Responses to “Sean Walsh -Workers Party – Piltown – Kilkenny 1985 Local Elections”

  1. Drithleóg Says:

    Clover Meats once employed 680 people at this plant in Co. Kilkenny, just across the county border from Waterford City. Clover also had major beef processing plants in Limerick, Wexford and Dublin which employed between them several thousand people. They were closed down primarily because of live cattle exports to the Middle East, mostly because of dealings between Fianna Fáil, certain “beef barons” and dictators such as Saddam Hussein and Col. Gadaffi. Clover’s plant at Gorteens near Ferrybank closed in 1985 and workers we left waiting many months to receive their redundancy payments. Other major losses in the area resulted of the closure of the leather tanneries in Portlaw because of the same short-sighted reasoning. The issue was raised in the Dáil by Tomás Mac Giolla and other TDs on many occasions. Incidentally Sean Walsh continues to be active in the Workers Party in the Waterford / South Kilkenny area and is secretary of the George Brown memorial committee commemorating the Spanish Civil War hero from Iniistioge.

  2. Nick Says:

    I’d vote for him on the basis of his beard alone. You don’t see the Abraham Lincoln look nearly enough these days

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