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John Gormley ‘Its time.’ -Green Party -2007 GE Dublin South East January 21, 2010

Green Party leader John Gormleys leaflet from the 2007 General Election.

“We’ll deliver…
…24 Hour health centres and more acute hospital beds…
…2,400 extra teachers to reduce class sizes…


2 Responses to “John Gormley ‘Its time.’ -Green Party -2007 GE Dublin South East”

  1. Sandals Says:

    Those quotes read well now
    “The Green Partys heavy hitter”
    “He is very highly regarded”
    Not exactly what Deirdre De Burca said today.
    Do you have any of her leaflets, I’m sure they read just as well?

  2. No not too much of what they said back then reads well. Its a pity.
    I read a book (written by Dan Boyle) celebrating 25 years of the Green Party over Christmas. It was published pre the 2007 election. The hard work done to build the party up from nothing to where they were prior to the 2007 election and it looks as if a few years in government with Fianna Fail has almost wiped out 26 years of hard work.
    It was sad in that the book was so positive, but I knew the ending.
    I posted some DeBurca stuff. …What I could get my hands on at short notice.

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