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“Make Your Vote Matter Vote For The Hatter” leaflet from Michael ‘Madhatter’ Wright -Independent -Dungarvan Lismore -2014 Local Elections June 14, 2015

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“Make Your Vote Matter Vote For The Hatter” “Vote Madhatter” a leaflet from Independent candidate Michael Wright who was running in Dungarvan Lismore in the 2014 Local Elections. A popular local DJ he polled 392 votes and missed out on a seat.
Many thanks to the sender.



Simon Hanley, Jim Harty, Jerry O’Brien, Garry O’Halloran, Michael O’Riordan, Richard Walsh-Fine Gael -Dungarvan 1985 November 4, 2013

From the 1985 Local Elections a leaflet for Fine Gael candidates Simon Hanley, Jim Harty, Jerry O’Brien, Garry O’Halloran, Michael O’Riordan and Richard Walsh who were running in Dungarvan. Michael O’Rioran, Jim Harty and Garry O’Halloran were elected. I’ve included the Dungarvan 1985 results too.




“A New Voice for Ring” -Fiachra O Céilleachair -Democratic Left 1997 Waterford March 18, 2011

From 1997 a leaflet from Fiachra O Céilleachair of the Democratic Left to voters in Ring. Fiachra O Ceilleachair had replaced Tony Wright on Waterford County Council. He held the seat running for Labour before losing it in 2004.



Eddie Collins, Austin Deasy -Fine Gael -Waterford 1987 General Election February 7, 2010

Fine Gaels Eddie Collins and Austin Deasy from the 1987 General Election in Waterford.
Having been first elected in 1969, Eddie Collins lost his seat in this election.
Austin Deasy, Father of John Deasy, was first elected in 1977 and served until 2002. He served as Minister for Agriculture from 1982 to 1987. He was behind attempts to remove both Alan Dukes and later John Bruton as Leaders of Fine Gael.
How many of the Factories listed as having Increased Government Grants still survive today?


Tony Wright, Fiachra O Ceilleachair- Democratic Left- Waterford 1997 November 16, 2009

Democratic Lefts Tony Wright hands over the reigns on Dungarvan UDC and Waterford County Council to Fiachra O Ceilleachair.
Both Fiachra O Ceilleachair and Tony Wright had been members of the Workers Party and Fiachra O Ceilleachair later stood for Labour.
Wright himself had been elected to Waterford Co Council in 1991.




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