Irish Election Literature

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“Students- Everything you wanted to know about the Workers’ Party” -circa 1990 January 13, 2010

A leaflet produced around 1990 to help recruit Student members to The Workers Party.
Leaflet explains core Workers Party policy, issues that impacted student, the party’s position on the North, Womens issues, international policy, as well as what Democratic Centralism was.
It also goes on to say what a party member would be expected to do.



‘Why There is No Alternative to Reconstitution’ -Workers Party Discussion Document February 1992 (pre DL split) September 10, 2009

‘Why There is No Alternative to Reconstitution’ a letter to members from Prionsias De Rossa and Seamus Lynch prior to the split with the Democratic Left. 
Prionsias De Rossa and Seamus Lynch outline their case for changing the Party from Democratic Centralism to that of being member driven.

It’s language is very much of the dogmatic variety and spells out the direction they want the Workers Party to move in. It also indirectly makes reference to the existence and activities of the Official IRA mentioning ‘unlawful activities in the North’.
The split occurred after the special conference with 6 of the 7  TDs as well as a majority of the parties other elected representatives going off to form a group initially called ‘New Agenda’ which became the ‘Democratic Left’. The Workers Party continued on.



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