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The Leaflets that made a story in todays Irish Independent… June 16, 2011

One of the leaflets from the site made the Indo again today with a number of others mentioned too.
(the picture had the same fold line as the one I’ve posted here)
Needless to say no credit was given to the site.
The Star Trek Leaflet mentioned
The X-Factor Leaflet mentioned
The “Casual pose wearing jeans..” Leaflet mentioned.
And here he is in a 1987 leaflet


4 Responses to “The Leaflets that made a story in todays Irish Independent…”

  1. Budapestkick Says:

    Don’t let the bastards get you down AK.

  2. ejh Says:

    Just send a friendly email saying “any chance of an acknowledgment next time?”. Nobody will admit anything, but it might make them think twice.

  3. D_D Says:

    Now we KNOW FS is a creep!

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