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Alan Shatter Newsletter Jan/Feb 2011 February 3, 2011

From the 2011 General Election in Dublin South a Newsletter from Fine Gael TD Alan Shatter.
There are various themes including awards he’d won from the Mirror and Irish Independent but he also mentions that word ‘Change’…
Change is often a theme in Elections,never more so than at the minute. The PDs in 1987 were “For Real Change” , In 1982 Fine Gael wanted “Change for the Better“, it was a slogan they used in 2007 also. In 2007 Pat Rabbitte gave Labours “five Commitments for change“.
Here Shatter goes that bit further and mentions “Revolutionary democratic change“.


2 Responses to “Alan Shatter Newsletter Jan/Feb 2011”

  1. Good luck Alan. I’m not registered in your constituency but I’d vote for you if I was or give you a no.2 at least (being a Labour supporter). But the country needs people like you and Shane Ross to save this poor potato republic we’ve now inherited from the thieving insider-elite and their FF…ing slaves. But as you say, here’s hoping…….

  2. kayse d du aleh Says:

    HI MINISTER i have refugee status i applied irish passport 08/2007 is that fair minister

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