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“A Message of Support from Paul McGrath” -Victor Boyhan- Independent- Dun Laoghaire February 13, 2011

From the 2011 General Election an election leaflet from Independent candidate (and former PD councillor) Councillor Victor Boyhan running in Dun Laoghaire.
Interestingly, a page of it is taken up with a message of support from Paul McGrath. McGrath and Boyhan spent many years together in the “Birds Nest” home on York Road in Dun Laoghaire and later down in Monkstown.
In McGraths acclaimed book “Back from the Brink” Victor Boyhan gets a number of mentions. Including “…he became one of the most outspoken voices in ensuring that Smyly Trust Homes would be covered under the State Redress Scheme, investigating the abuse of children.“



From 2002 Paul McGraths Irish World Cup Fixture Guide -Fine Gael -2002 GE June 20, 2010

The 2002 General Election was held on the 17th of May. World Cup Fever wasn’t quite at its height as the Roy Keane Saipan saga didn’t fully start until the 21st of May.
This is a card from Fine Gaels Paul McGrath with his details on the front and the world cup fixtures on the reverse. A number of candidates produced similar cards.
The TDs namesake had retired in 1998.



The System (P.R) Of Voting In Ireland -Paul McGrath -Fine Gael 2001 April 30, 2010

Quite an interesting leaflet produced by Westmeath Fine Gael TD Paul McGrath on ‘The System (P.R) Of Voting In Ireland’.
Explained in detail are the Irish version of Proportional Representation and how it works.There are Sections on the following…
The Tally, County and Mixing of Votes.
Spoiled ballot papers.
Calcualting the quota.
Transferring a Surplus.
What happens to the Votes of an Eliminated candidate?
Being Elected without Reaching the Quota.

There are also details on voter registration and the 1997 General Election count for Westmeath.



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