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Podcast – James Clarke running as an Old IRA candidate in 1944 July 22, 2022

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This episode covers The Militant Tendency, Militant Labour in Ireland up until their renaming as The Socialist Party. Their origin, activities in Labour, expulsion and as a separate entity.
  1. Militant Labour
  2. James Clarke running as an Old IRA candidate in 1944
  3. Patrick Belton – Independent -September 1927
  4. Jack Murphy and The Unemployed Protest Committee
  5. Peadar Cowan and Vanguard

A look at the 1944 General Election  Campaign of James Clarke running as an Old IRA candidate in Laois Offaly. This episode also has a brief history of the Old IRA, their aims, objectives and so on.


June 1937 Election edition of “Sean Óglac” Paper of The Old IRA October 23, 2017

From the run up to the 1937 General Election an edition of “Sean Óglac” The “Official Organ of the National Association of Old Irish Republican Army”. It advocates for a vote for Fianna Fail giving detailed reasons why. There are other notices which are interesting too. Click on the image to enlarge.
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