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Self Aid – 17th May 1986 RDS January 5, 2010

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Found this in the attic over Christmas, the programme for the Self Aid concert in May 1986.  Lets Make it work…
The day itself was great fun, the musical highlights were many.. Rory Gallagher playing ‘Follow Me’ (The theme tune to MT USA)
..and lots more including of course U2s performance of Maggies Farm.

Yet why were all these people there? Why watch were all the people watching?
Unemployment. The political classes, Government and the State weren’t able to provide employment, so maybe a concert would?
Tony Boland and Niall Matthews message is whats relevant (ie a failure of State and political system) for this Blog.
Jobs were promised, the Self Aid Trust was set up …. did it have any long term impact?



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