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The Full Young PDs ‘Dail Wars – Attack of The Socialists’ Leaflet December 6, 2010

I had previously posted the first page of this leaflet unaware that there was more. So here we have from the Young Progressive Democrats the Full ‘Dail Wars – Attack of The Socialists’ leaflet. Unreal.

Their Pizza Delivery Leaflet is just as ‘Unusual’

Many thanks to the sender.


7 Responses to “The Full Young PDs ‘Dail Wars – Attack of The Socialists’ Leaflet”

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  2. Paddy C Says:

    In fairness, it was one of many “tongue-in-cheek” leaflets published by Youth Wings between 2002-2007. Ogra FF had several ones of the same nature.

  3. […] Full Young PD ‘Pizza Delivery’ and “Dail Wars‘ leaflets (had posted the front of them previously unaware that there was […]

  4. Paddy C Says:


    I hope all is well.

    I can root around, and find other ones ! I know they became more mundane after the Dail Wars. However, the last publication of the YPDs was a Dr Pepper Can with the Large D & P letters reversed in order, spelling “Progressive Democrats”, with the trademark Dr Pepper tagline, “Whats the worst that can happen” ? This was published in September 2008, days before the CPP & Cllrs forum declared the party to be no longer viable !

    I will see what I can find, and as soon as I do I will be in touch !

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